For Finance Company Lenders

We recognize finance companies are already in the business of lending to investors, builders and home renovators. Therefore, PRS has design lending guidelines to enable finance companies the opportunity to provide funding to the Property Redemption Services team of investors.

Success of a project is vital to both the renovator and lender. Clearly, it’s in the best interest of lenders to provide terms and conditions which align with the renovator’s needs.  Too often, lenders put their desire for high interest and rigid terms over the needs of the renovator, forgetting they are on the same team.  

In short, our investors need to borrow from lenders who make it easy to be successful, not stressful.

PRS established the following lender guidelines to help ensure projects are successful.

Interest rates no higher than 11%,

Points no higher than 2,

No payments for 12 months,

No down payments,

Funds must be readily available.

In exchange for terms and condition most advantageous to our investors, lenders receive full ownership of the property.  The LLC shares will be owned by the lender until the property is sold.  This means there will never be a foreclosure because the property is already owned by the lender.

There is no need for a down payment because PRS investors never purchase a property above 65% of its as-is value.  

Every project is thoroughly pre-screened in advance of being offered by PRS.

Funds are release to investor progressively as renovations are performed.  

All funds go into improvements.  At no time does the investor hold lender's funds.  Investor has no personal use of project capital.

The Lender, Investor and PRS are all in the same boat.  When the property sells, everyone shares in the profits according to predetermined agreement; with the lender receiving full reimbursement from the first of all monies received.

To register to become a lender to the PRS team of investors, contact PRS at: