xxxThere are many successful real estate strategies which have withstood the test of time. We are not reinventing the wheel, however, Property Redemption Services, (PRS), has developed a process where you too can share in the profits from the experience and hard work of others.  You will indeed become part of the team.

xxxIn baseball, each player is assigned a different position and together they all share the win.   PRS has created a position for you.

xxxYour position is the chief financial officer, CFO, of your own project.  

xxxYour job is to fund or help fund the real estate project in which you participate.

xxxYou will be presented with the best of the best buying opportunities.

After performing your due diligence, you decide the project in which you wish to participate. You may choose to fund the entire project, or joint venture with others.

A group of people working together with common goals can achieve success faster and easier than one person working alone.

xxxFollowing are the various project types to consider.  Each type is as good as the other. PRS is constantly evaluating all options to find and secure the very best and most profitable projects to make available to you.