xxxxWe understand the investor’s need to take it slow.  We encourage trying the water before jumping in. We have programs which will enable you to experience profit and success before moving to the next level.  

1)      Lend money for purchase and rehab project and receive 7% to 11% interest:

xxxxxa.  We will pool your funds with others to cover the cost of the property purchase and rehabilitation. When the project is finish and sold, you will receive back your principle and interest.  When contracting for “interest”, you know exactly how much money you will earn.  You receive the first sale proceeds out of escrow.  This may be a good choice for investors who are using borrowed capital to fund their project.  You will know in advance the interest rate you will be paying, and you will know the interest rate you will receive.

2)      Profit Sharing. You receive a percentage of the profits when the property is sold.

xxxxxa.   You may chose to fund the entire project or joint venture with others to cover the purchase and rehabilitation costs.  When the property is completed and sold, you will receive a percentage of the profits.  Profit sharing is expected to generate larger profits than interest.

3)      As you become familiar and confident with our system of business, you may elect to lend a larger amount towards a single project, or you may choose to participate in multiple projects.

xxxxxa.  The programs above enable you to “Cash-Out” or “Go-Flat” after the completion of each project.  You receive back all your principal and interest at which time you may decide to participate in another project.  

xxxxThis opportunity is perfect for the investors who wants to safely put their money to work and receive above average returns.  


We realize lenders want to earn as much as possible.  

Property Redemption Services can afford to pay you the highest interest rate in the industry because of the way we structure the loan.  By eliminating the down payment and monthly payments during the rehab process all the loan proceeds can go towards materials and labor improving the property.  This enables PRS to borrow less money and save interest on unproductive money.  The savings is passed back to the lender in the form of higher interest earnings.  This means we can afford to pay up to 11% interest.

xxxxThis aspect is so important, I would like to provide further explanation:

1)      Our goal is to purchase properties to rehab at the lowest possible price. The less we pay, the more profit we earn when the property rehab is competed, and the house sells.  The ability to pay cash for a property and close fast is very desirable to sellers.  Sellers are more likely to accept a lower offer in exchange for a fast and easy sale.  When lenders have proceeds ready and waiting it contributes to higher profits which enables PRS to pay higher interest.  

2)      Eliminating the down payment requirement results in higher profits.  When a builder is required to put down 10% or 20% to purchase their next rehab project, it causes delays.  Typically, the builder will need to wait until his current project sells to recoup his down payment funds needed to buy the next property.  The time lost is water under the bridge which cannot be made up.  By eliminating down payment requirements, the builder can complete more projects in shorter time.  This contributes to the ability to pay a higher interest rate to the lender.  

3)      Eliminating the monthly payment requirement enables the builder to borrow less money and keep the borrowed money working.   Builders do not get paid until the project is completed and the property is sold.  If monthly loan payments are required during the rehab process, the builder will need to borrow extra money, above and beyond material and labor funds, to make the monthly payments.  Paying interest on money that was borrowed for the purpose of making loan payments is counterproductive, a total waste.  The loan proceeds should be used for repairs and improvements, not debt service.  Eliminating this waste contributes to PRS being able to pay the lender a higher interest rate.  


xxxxProperty Redemption Services, LLC has designed its program to accommodate leverage.  This means the average person who is not already rich will have a real opportunity to become rich by using the bank’s money.   One of the reasons leverage works so well with our program is because you become an owner.  You are not lending us money; you are funding your own entity.  You are always in control of your money.  You never need to wonder how your money is being spent.  When I use the term “Lender”, I am using it to give you a simplified way to understand your share of the project. Using the term "lender" and "interest" better enables you to visualize the profit allocated to you.  You are  in effect lending money to yourself.

xxxxEveryone in our organization has a purpose.  Each team member is focused on what they do best.  We all stay in our respective lane.  Your role is to provide the funding for your own specific real estate project.  You are the CFO of the limited liability corporation established for your project.  This does not mean you bought yourself a nine to five job.  As CFO, you simply control your money and your asset.  We do the rest.

xxxxEach property purchased is deeded to an LLC. You receive shares reflective of your financial involvement and profit-sharing agreement.  Property Redemption Services, LLC will assign a “Managing Member” who makes it all happen; like the conductor of an orchestra.  A group of people working together with common goals can achieve success faster and easier than one person working alone.


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