house puzzel
puzzel piece

You are a key piece of the puzzle.

When you help with the last piece of the puzzle, you receive $5,000!

Property Redemption Services hopes to create an opportunity for all who wish to join our team.

Most people don’t have the money, expertise or time to devote to the property renovation business.

We won't let that stop you from joining our team.

I will show you how you can share in the profits by using only your credit.

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When Property Redemption Services negotiates the purchase of a property, the next step is to secure financing.

In most instances there are two major hurdles; property value and credit score.

PRS will only purchase properties within our loan to value parameters.  This means we will never overpay for a property and the value is always enough to satisfy the loan to value (LTV) requirements.

That leaves only the obstacle of the FICO credit score.

Even when a lender is satisfied with the LTV, a minimum FICO score is still required. This creates an opportunity for a person with a 660+ credit score to share in the profits by using nothing more than their credit.

Here’s how it works:

When a property is purchased its deeded to a newly formed limited liability corporation (LLC).

Although the property has enough value to act as full collateral, a real person with a minimum credit score of 660 is required to sign on behalf of the LLC.

When the sale closes the LLC will own the property; with the remaining loan proceeds deposited into its checking account.  

The funds in the account will be used to pay for the property renovations and loan payments.

When the property renovation is completed the property will be sold and the loan paid off.

For the use of your credit, you will be paid $5,000!  

You are paid out of escrow, in advance, when the property is initially purchased.

As added security, six months of debt services (loan payments) will be paid in advance to the lender.

Our goal is to finish the renovations and sell the property within the six month time frame.


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